A bad habit I developed as a dad

I noticed a bad habit creeping in a few months ago

At bedtime with our oldest, we read two stories every night, then we listen to an audio story (on Sherwood of course)

Gradually I found myself rushing through the process, getting frustrated with how long it would take to pick out a book, talk about the pictures, etc etc

And inevitably the book or audio stories would raise questions that my toddler wanted to talk through

And in my brain all of this took too long. "We aren't being efficient, we're wasting time, etc etc"

But then one day it struck me, "what the fck am I rushing around for? Why am I wishing away this precious time with my son? What would I do instead of hang out with him at bedtime...go downstairs and do nothing? What a joke."

My humble advice to dads reading this is to stop rushing things that don't actually need rushing

Do an extra story. Have that random conversation. Let them talk and let the minutes pass by together.

Because the good old days are happening right now, and it's a shame to wish them away.



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