A 1 minute habit to be a better parent

Something I started doing after our first son was born that I recommend to all parents I work with:

Daily Family Journaling

You may be thinking "oh no, not another daily journal habit post"

BUT what I'm talking about is different.

This literally takes less than 1 minute of your time per day.

Here's what you do:

-Create a google-doc

-Every day, when you wake up and check your phone (I know you do this...don't lie)...go into your doc and write ONE memory of your kids from the day before

That's it.

Incredibly low commitment.

But after a few months?

You'll have a living, breathing document that holds precious memories of your kids that you otherwise would have forgotten.

I do this ALMOST every day (sometimes we miss days, it happens)

And it is by FAR the highest ROI on my time of anything I do...

Because in less than a minute, I'm creating a document my family will have forever. The little moments, the funny things my kids did, all of it...

Right there in the document.

Give it a try. Not only will you have the memories saved, but you'll find it makes you more present during the day, as well...

Because you're more in tuned with the idea that little moments matter, and you'll start subconsciously logging the moments in your brain as well.

Thanks everyone, talk soon


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