A controversial chart I shared yesterday

I posted this yesterday and people lost their minds:

But most of those people misunderstood it.

People frequently ask me about my diet.

I say I try to stay in a slight caloric deficit, and I try to eat between 150-200g of protein per day.

If I do those 2 things consistently, I leave a ton of room for flexibility and stay at my target weight with little effort.

If that's what you want to do, that's why this chart is so helpful.

It isn't saying "these protein sources are BAD" ... It's saying these protein sources are MORE CALORICALLY DENSE

Meaning: if you eat them, you will have to consume more calories to get the same amount of protein as one of the less dense foods.

That's it.

Once again, reading comprehension loses on X. But you guys get it. Because you guys are smart.

Hope the chart is useful. Shoutout to my man Jason (@anymanfitness on X) for creating the chart in the first place.

Talk to you all soon,



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