How to deal with Entitled Energy Vampires

The other day a guy on linkedin sent me a message

Something along the lines of "hey I have some questions about my business, can you help me?"

I actually gave him a couple quick pointers based on a cursory glance of his profile (this was probably a mistake) and I told him I'd be happy to help further inside the Fatherize community if he wanted to join.

His response (notice he doesn't say thank you):

"I still have some questions, let's get on a call Thursday after 4pm PST."

Excuse me?? This level of entitlement isn't that surprising, but it has been a while since someone was so brazen about it with me.

I politely responded "Sure, I'll send over a link where you can book a call. By the way, my rate for an hour consultation is $300. Does that work for you?"

His response:

Crickets...he skittered away like a cockroach when the lights come on

The lesson:

People will take complete advantage of your time right up until the moment you set a boundary. These energy vampires pray that you never set this boundary, so they can keep sucking dry your time and goodwill. But as soon as you do set it, they slink away like vampires in the sunlight. And then you're free to focus on the people that actually matter.

Love Harrison


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