When life kicks you in the mouth

My wife went down with the stomach bug last night. Which isn't ideal, because as many of you know we're expecting our third baby any day now.

She's feeling better now, but of course I caught whatever it was this morning, hence the late email (sparing you the details but suffice to say this is the first time I've been able to focus my eyes today)

I had a thousand things I wanted to do today. Record two podcasts. Call inside the fatherize community. Create some multi-platform contnet. And write this email.

This email is all that's going to get done.

It is a good reminder though: sometimes life will just kick you in the mouth (and it's certainly capable of much more ferocious kicks than we're receiving right now).

And it's also a good reminder that nothing is more important than your health.

What's the old saying? A healthy man wants a million things. A sick man wants just one. That slaps. Would make a good tweet. Maybe I'll post it sometime.

So a reminder for myself and for anybody reading this: you can only be superman if you're healthy. And if you try to be superman at the expense of your health, you aren't the only one who suffers.

peace and love



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